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Author/Date Calendar small fixing needed
22/07/2002 3:35am
Hi there!
Nice program you made! Realy like it, currently Im using the i.Scribe, but Im thinking about getting the in.Scribe instead.
I founded that when Im using national chars (едц) in the calendar it does not come out right in the date month view or the calendedar view (from the treeview).
Is this something that could be fixed?
And I realy would like to have an option on the date-/time format and the "week starts with".
Otherwise its a great program!!

PS The forum does not like the singlequote sign, maybe a replace with to single quote could fix that one =)
22/07/2002 3:58pm
yup, the forum refused my post with single quotes too.. looks like fReT implemented some SQL, and single quotes are key chars there.

about the calendar:
I would too prefer to have a different day for the week start (eg. Monday).
22/07/2002 7:46pm
The internation character support is dependent on getting pervasive UTF-8 support throughout the user interface. I'm working towards this, but until it happens I can't fix the national charaters.

The date will reconfigure itself to be m/d/y or d/m/y according to your windows settings. But it's not flexible any other way yet. The calendar needs work, but it's not a high priority at the moment.

Now... for the forum not accepting single quotes... here is a test ' and it should work now that I've editing the code.