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Author/Date still problems with plugins
22/07/2002 10:39am
hi Matthew,
I am trying 1.69 but I see the (almost) same problems with plugins as 1.68.
No problems with more than one plugin in the same folder but:
1) I try to load Scribe_Html.dll and error is:
"ScribePlugin load log: Library file (.DLL/.SO) loaded ok. Couldnot find program entry point. Failed"
Clicking on "ok", in the plugins window I see LgiNet.dll loaded as plugin even the status is "Not a plugin"
2) I try to load Scribe_Ldap.dll, all ok but in the plugins window I see "HTML (IE control)" as plugin!
If I load plugins with browse all works fine.
I tried also to load contacts from a .csv file (I have created it with a export from 1.69 then I added some contacts to it) but I.Scribe goes in error:

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:

I use I.Scribe on a win98se system.
Many thanks in advance!
Best regards

22/07/2002 7:48pm
This is a bug in the menu. Use the browse option in on the menu and avoid the listed entries. It's on my list of things to fix.