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12/10/2005 6:48pm
InScribe is a great mail client, of the myriad of clients around it is the only one that I can really bear to use on a day-to-day basis. However I have been keeping a list of things which I think could be done to make it even better.

* The 'To' in a message view window always starts off collapsed into the toolbar. I would like it to remember whether it is collapsed or not, much like the 'Status' panel does, or have an option to have set its state.

* Likewise the 'From' field on the compose window.

* The fields in the addressing pane of the compose message window should resize along with window. If you make a message view window narrower then the compose window comes up in that same size, and the address fields are truncated. If the window is made too narrow the '...' button can get lost off edge of window.

* Inline spell checking when typing a message.

* Spell checker to highlight the word it is prompting about.

* When editing a contact group, and type someones name in the edit box, the contact name is underlined, but if I have several people with the same name then I don't know which one it refers to without double-clicking the name to bring up the contact information. Perhaps the window should display the full name, or email address, of the person it just completed.

* If I have a subfolder in the Contacts folder, should these be treated as contact groups? I notice I can drag a folder from Contacts to Groups where it can be added as a sub-folder, but it does not become a proper contact group - the group has no contacts in it. Also, when dragging a Move is always done, even though the '+' sign is shown on the cursor if the Ctrl key is held down.

* 'Add Contacts' window should have option for showing addresses hierachically in their folders. Selecting a folder would add everyone in that contact folder.

* Search for messages with multiple criteria. Although you can do this using the item filter, this only works on a single mail box. I often want to see an entire conversation, with messages both from and to me i.e. messages in all or selected mail boxes. If the search window had multiple criteria, I could do this. It would also be good to have the search results display a threaded view.

* Alternatively, add a way of seeing ALL messages from all (or selected) mailboxes in threaded view. This would enable me to see threaded messages with both messages sent and received. The messages could be shown in a list with an icon showing whether they were incoming or outgoing, or maybe each message could be coloured by whether it is in or out.

* If a message is a reply, it would be nice to be able to quickly locate the message it is a reply to. It could be done by double-clicking the 'Replied' icon in the Flag column of the message view; or pressing a button on the message view window; or pressing a button/link at the top of the preview; or choosing an item from the message context menu.

* Search window should remember position and size, and width of columns.

* Seach window results area has no titles on the columns.