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21/10/2005 9:35am
i have 2 questions about the scribe/McServer combination.

1. is there any way to update the data in public contacts and shared calendar area's other then use "close connection" and then reconnecting?
(when some other user has changed/added someting)

2. i cant get the mapi function to work. Your website says:
"Support for global contacts and public folders is being added."
But it looks like it is implemented, apart from the fact that it doesn't work.

I use exactly the same settings, just change "calendar" to "MAPI" in the account settings. (and calendar function does work, see question1)
Neither the "log" section of the scribe accounts view lists anything, nor the log section of the server. Both remain blank.

v0.70 and 1.88test13 win2k
21/10/2005 9:47am
the calender/contatcs account does poll every min as set in the check every X min accoring tho the server log
"CAL - 'user' polled 0 bytes returned."

but no new data.
when i disconnect an reconnect, lof displys:
"CAL- 'user logged in."

and the added contact appears
21/10/2005 9:52am
The calendars should update in semi-realtime when users changes things in their own calendars. The shared contact list is editable but you can't see other peoples edits without restarting (yet).

Are you using MAPI(full) for the public folders?

Global contacts should appear as a contacts folder in the SCP tree. If your not seeing that then you probably need to set the Public Contacts folder in the server's settings.
21/10/2005 10:01am
i should learn to read, mixed up IMAP and MAPI. sorry.

Ok, no new public contacts untill reconnect.

I will try the calendar update function again.
Does the check every x min have anything to do with this, or has it no function for a CAL account?
21/10/2005 10:19am
when user1 creates an event in /SCP-user1@server/name surname
it appears in his representation of his shared calendar. A .vcs file appears in his dir on the serverpath

user2 sees nothing in his representation of user1 shared calender.

after 1 min the log of the server says "user2" polled 3bytes returned.

still no sign in the user2 representation of user1 shared calendar.

user2 cliks "close connection". user2 doublekliks account, account goes back online and the event appears in the user2 representation of user1 shared calendar.

I could email a screenshot if you like
21/10/2005 10:24am
Ok maybe the update mechanism is broken or flaky. But it's designed to update every so often, 1 minute, if that is what you set in the options. I'll take a look at it soon.
21/10/2005 10:26am
if i can be of any help, just let me know.
21/10/2005 11:23am
should the IMAP4(full) function delete the .eml on the server if user 1 deletes the email?

2 emails from the local system are stored in the imap folder
1 is deleted
2 .eml remain on the server
imap is dis- and reconnected

now there are 2 identical emails in scribe displayed in the imapfolder. while 2 non identical eml are on teh server.

it appears less error prone with non local emails places in teh imap folder.