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Author/Date Where can I get the Help file
24/10/2005 12:00am

I have just started using the programme (v1.91 with SFTP), which is excellent, but it says it can't find the Help file. Please could you tell me where I can download the Help file from.

Many thanks
24/10/2005 2:14am
I emailed them to you... and I'll also make sure the next release includes them in the installer.

25/10/2005 6:51am
Thanks for the prompt reply and the information. Much appreciated!
30/10/2005 10:39am
Pls could I have the helpfile for the FTP too? I want to be able to switch on/off passive mode.
02/11/2005 11:06pm
The new build, v1.95 has the help files included.