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Author/Date 1.95: option to not remember
25/10/2005 10:31pm
You mention that one of the changes for version 1.95 is "Now remembers the last local folder you were in." Does that also include the drive letter?

I hope not. I have i.Ftp on a thumb drive and depending on what computer I have it in it moves from F: to J:. Another program I have drives me nuts because it remembers the F: and then goes for the DVD-drive of the other computer every time I use it there.

The best option (and hardest for you, of course) would be making it drive neutral if the drive is the same letter as the one the program is running from. That way it would see that it is in "F:\progs\iftp" and accessing "F:\homepages\widewaterfilms" and just remember "\homepages\widewaterfilms" so that it goes for "J:\homepages\widewaterfilms" when it starts in "J:\progs\iftp"

The other option would be a "remember last local folder" checkbox I could turn off and have it act just like it does now.

26/10/2005 12:15am
I see your point, so I've added code to see if it's on the same drive and if so store a relitive path instead of an absolute path. Then when it loads up again if the path is relitive it is applied relitive to the current i.Ftp folder. This should mean that if you have the local folder set to some folder on a USB drive and you take the USB key to another machine it'll still be in the same folder relitive to the program.