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Author/Date Gmail users, help!
30/10/2005 10:24am
iScribe 1.88 test 13 cannot send gmail.
but inscribe (the same version) has no problems.
02/11/2005 9:45pm
It does...follow the instructions on this site. I send my email through gmail all the time.
Follow the tutorial for it, and it will be fine.

02/11/2005 10:06pm
I've checked this at my end and can't find any problem. So it has to be something at your end, some connectivity issue or what not.
04/11/2005 4:22am
Yes, it seems to be a problem with gmail servers, because now it's working, with the same configuration.
Vinay A. Goel
07/11/2005 3:07pm
I;ve have the same problem connecting to GMAIL from iscribe. It is not connecting to the server. I've enabled the pop account in the GMAIL website. How did you make a connection?
08/11/2005 8:09am
read this tutorial to set up scribe for Gnail