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03/11/2005 10:26pm
If you add user access permissions in folder properties, for instance, a folder containing sensitive contact details, then when loading up iscribe the password permission window comes up right from the start, and you have to enter a password before iscribe fully loads. It's a bit of a bore, is there any way round that?
03/11/2005 10:30pm
I suggest you don't put permissions on one of the base folders, instead create a subfolder under that folder and put the permissions on that. If it's a sub-folder of /Contacts it'll still be accessible in the add contact UI, it searches sub-folders for contacts too.
20/11/2005 5:54pm
I'm perhaps particularly thick, but I don't get it. No matter whether I set permissions for the main contacts folder or any subfolder, upon loading iscribe I'm asked for a password before being able to use the program - it would be better, to my eyes anyway, if the password was asked for only when trying to access a particular folder...
20/11/2005 8:42pm
When it askes you for a password during startup, what is the text on the dialog?
20/11/2005 11:05pm
It says Enter user access password for '/contacts/...
20/11/2005 11:35pm
I've added code to ignore folders with permissions when doing lookups for contact records, i.e. when you enter recipients, it searchs the contact DB.

This will be in the next release.
21/11/2005 11:43am
thanks fret !