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04/11/2005 6:48pm
How do I upgrade from 1.91 to 1.95 and keep my current account list?
04/11/2005 9:31pm
Install v1.95 to the same location. It will not overwrite your options. You can backup your options by copying the file 'Options.sgml' to a different folder, just in case.
05/11/2005 12:01am
That's odd.

I first installed it and realized that it went to "i.ftp" instead of "iftp" where I had the old copy so I moved my options.sgml file but it didn't work. So I unistalled "i.ftp" and installed to "iftp" but it still didn't work so I started this topic.

So now I uninstalled, copied over my complete 1.91 from a back up and reinstalled again. Sure enough, it works great now. I can't figure out what I did wrong.

Thanks for the update; it looks good. I really like the ".." feature. It will keep me from hitting the transfer arrow when I meant to go up a level instead.