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06/11/2005 4:46pm
This is madness - I hope you can help. I have been using iScribe 1.88 Test 13 on 2 laptops for a while with no problem. On the weekend I upgraded a 3rd laptop to XP SR1 and installed iScribe 1.88 Test 13.
I have both a 'normal' account with one ISP and and a GMail account with google.

THe Gmail SSL account works fine for sending and receiving.
THe 'normal' accounts does not work; It will receive mail find, but it will not send mail. It gives the following error message.

SocketError(10053): Software caused connection abort.

I can use exactly the same account and password credentials on the other two machines and it works fine; but on this newly upgraded machine it does not. I realize it must have something to do with my machine rather than your software - but I don't know where to look. I have checked and rechecked all the setup and can find nothing wrong. I have downloaded 1.88 and reinstalled it. Still no good. I have turned off my PC firewall completely - still no good. Can you give me any clues on what this error message could mean so that I have somewhere to go look. Remember, Gmail works fine - which really puzzles me.
06/11/2005 5:58pm
I should also tell you that I have tried sending mail from outlook express on this same PC. It works perfectly ! I'm thinking this rules out any firewall issues since clearly I am able to send on port 25 ...and my credentials must be correct also. So what could it be that is preventing iScribe from sending????? If I could only get a bit more information about what is preventing the connection.
06/11/2005 7:11pm
THis thing is really driving me NUTS! I suspect the answer is something really simple. When I press the 'send' button the error message "couldn't open a connection to the server" displays immediately; there is no slight pause (as you would expect) while it works through the program and attempts to make a connection - no - it just displays the error immediately. Very strange ; if only I could see what it is trying to do.!!
06/11/2005 11:03pm
Off the top of my head I don't know what causes that error.

I've even had intermittant issues like that before. But they seem to go away by themselves whenever I try and zero in on the problem. The difference between Scribe and other email apps is likely to be in the way we call the socket layer in windows. Scribe obviously works most of the time... if this issue persists for long enough I'll get around to looking at it. But I'll have to clear my plate of other things first.
07/11/2005 7:06am
Thanks Fret - but unfortunately I guess this means I will have to revert to using outlook again...which I hate to do; especially since the Gmail account is working perfectly. Is there any particular windows XP DLL version which might be part of the problem? I did have to download and install the OpenSSL package to enable the Gmail SSL connection - maybe it had some impact ? Is there absolutely nothing anywhere which I might try to give me more information about the problem ?
07/11/2005 8:40am
There are a bunch of possible solutions for another peice of software which apply equally to Scribe. I suggest you at least scan through them and see which are easy to try and have a go at doing them.

I suspect that some other peice of software on your machine is at fault. I know you have already tried switching off the firewall, but anti-virus software can often have the same effect. If you are running AV, try connecting with the AV software not running. I'd trawl through the process list and try closing various programs until you have a minimal set of apps running. Maybe one of them is borking up the connections.
07/11/2005 8:48am
More possibilies, copied from the net:

1/ Firewall: Some host-based firewall software will reset connection
when they feel it's violating the security policies. Sadly, sine the
people writing these software are in the business of making sure the
user is made aware of the "outstanding" job they're doing, such
policies could be rather vague and difficult to understand (a
mainstream product, for instance, will abort a connection if it seems
your credit card number going out in clear text).

2/ Network issue: If you have too many retransmit for the TCP layer to
continue a connection, it will raise that exception. Check for wireless
lnertkork with poor link with the AP, for instance. Excessive
collisions on a hub, looped connection and similar anomalies can also
cause that failure.

3/ Incorrect TCP handshake or handover: if the server fails to send the
final FIN after a disconnect, in case of half-open connection liming
out or similar protocol errors. This could happen if you have an
improperly configured firewall somewhere in the path.

4/ badly written network handler: Could be, for instance, a virus or
spam filter product installed on the machine and set up to work
07/11/2005 9:19am
Appreciate the advice Fret - the AV was not something I had considered, so definitely worth a try (although not hopeful since I am running same version on both machines.) I will also try a ethernet connection rather than wireless and see if it makes any difference.
So you don't think the DLLs added for the SSL connectivity to Gmail would have had any effect?
07/11/2005 10:27am
If you want to try the exact same DLL's as I use (known good) then they are here.
07/11/2005 10:33am
In my reading about this issue, one of the problems that can cause this error was wireless network interference. So definately try a wired connection...
07/11/2005 8:00pm
Fret - thanks a million mate! It was the damn AV software blocking port 25 by default; I had forgotten that I inserted an exeption rule for scribe on the other PC. Sorry to have been a pain.