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Author/Date bank exported messages empty!
08/11/2005 8:11am
I exported some of messages from scribe to exploerer via drag & drop.
But messages are all blank and 1 kb in size.
08/11/2005 8:13am
Sorry i made a terrible spelling mistake.
Read the topic this way:
blank exported messages!
20/11/2005 11:39pm
It works for me. Can you play around with it a bit to isolate some setting or variable that causes it to happen?

For instance if you do a clean install of the latest build does it fail to export messages?

Which OS are you running?
23/11/2005 8:42pm
It happened with Scribe 1.87 final.
I use windows XP.
When I export few messages that's OK, but when I try to expport a large number (more than 20) messages all of them are empty.
I'll try doing it using v1.88 test 15 and will tell you the results.