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17/11/2005 10:58am
Im not very familiar with outlook so i cant say i use personall address books, but the scribe import function for this type does not display a dialog box. Is this a bug or am i using it wrong.
(when the groupware is more stable i might start converting some people i know from outlook to inscribe. Hence the interest)
17/11/2005 11:35am
I think it got broken last time I refactored the Outlook code. No one has complained in over a year so it's not getting used... I'll probably pull it in some future release.
17/11/2005 9:02pm
I have used the outlook import option quite a bit. I am not sure why, but occasionally when I try to do the import it crashes. Sometimes I can retry the import and it works fine, other times it keeps dying on me.

My setup is I use my own pst files as a personal archive. I open the default profile for outlook and open my personal pst file with it then close out of Outlook. I then go in scribe and attempt to import from outlook, I can then choose my personal pst file and try to import it. Normally it crashes at the same point, but it's been a few weeks since I tried.

I haven't complained/commented because I have outlook (used at work) and can get to that email if I need to, even though having it in scribe would be wonderful.

20/11/2005 11:36pm
Jon: Would you be able to run a debug build for me?
20/11/2005 11:38pm
Sure! I assume dgbview from sysinternals with it? You can send a link or the whole thing to my registered email.
20/11/2005 11:45pm
Try this.

You need these DLL's as well.

It'll create a "CrashData.txt" file in the scribe folder when it crashes, which you should send to me. You don't need to run any other special software.