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20/11/2005 5:49pm
Just a small gripe - when trying to "mark all for sending" - right click menu on Outbox - you have to keep on clicking one-by-one for each email. I'v tried selecting all the emails first but it still won't mark all for sending.

BTW - this has always been so, not a particular problem with 1.88 test 15 which seems to be just fine so far.
20/11/2005 8:25pm
That command sets the "ready to send" flag on all the email in the outbox. If you then click send all the mail in the outbox will be sent. Otherwise you can send individual mail by openning it and clicking send.
22/11/2005 9:48pm
Well it may work for you fRet, but his is what happens over here :
say there are ten messages that I have written, saved & closed and that are now waiting in the Outbox. I click on Outbox, it opens and the first message is focussed, in fact it's Outbox that's focussed. I then right-click on the Outbox to open the menu, click on "Mark all for sending" and the icon of the first message changes and prepares it for sending. To change the next one I click again and it changes and then again and the next one down changes and so on. I have tested this by just clicking once on "Mark all for sending" then sending but only the one with the changed icon is sent.
I have tried selecting all the messages first and then clicking on "Mark all for sending" but the same thing happens, I have even tried setting them to "read" first, still no deal...