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24/07/2002 10:16am
Hi Matthew... After a severe i.Scribe crash I had to reinstall it and select an existing e-mail folder during the first-run configuration process. This way I got 2 Calendar folders... I tried to make a brand new start and I got another Calendar folder... is there a way to delete unwanted (calendar) folders or to avoid their multiplication?
As long as I can say the first crash was due to a double-click on an item in the "New mail" notification window, followed by a click on the OK button on the same window... My PC was performing heavy calculations and my mouse sometimes misses a click, so, maybe, I just raised an event in a no-more existing window... after this crash I got a lot of ACCESS_VIOLATION exceptions when trying to select an item in the "New mail" window at startup.

PS: did you read my suggestions in the _Bugs?_ thread? What do you think about them? I just want to know your opinion, I read your answer to "implement xyz feature" FAQ... ^_^

Thank you very much...
24/07/2002 10:47am
Well... I shut down i.Scribe an restarted it. It seems that now I can delete some of the folders, but I can't delete a renamed one while I can delete a correct named one. I guess I have to swap their names. BTW: I can't rename a folder if there is an existing folder with the same name (correct), but i.Scribe created more folders named "Calendar"...
24/07/2002 8:08pm
Yeah I know it's a bit fiddly.

Basically while I don't know why the 2nd Calendar folder appears you can get rid of it by renaming the one you want to keep (which changes the subfolder location for calendar items) and then delete the duplicates, then rename the real folder back to it's orginal name.
10/05/2008 11:20am
Thanks for the tip. I was having the same problem with a number of other folders, such as Inbox and Outbox.
Is there any way to sort the folders manually? It would be nice to group the most commonly viewed folders near the top.