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25/07/2002 10:01pm
Keep getting this when I open or try to reply to messages:

Exception Access Violation

The program then crashes, whether I press yes, no or cancel. Any ideas?
04/06/2008 9:42pm
v.1.89 test22
Same here. Scribe crashes often when I try to reply to a message but ALSO, and I think this is a clue, when I try to send a message to someone with the same subject as a message sent to me by them. (Is that clear?)
04/06/2008 9:43pm
By the way, what's happened to the dates on the this forum?
04/06/2008 11:10pm
mhf: dates? I don't know... they look fine to me.

I don't know what is causing this crash. If you want try this debug build and send me the crashdata.txt, or post the stack trace here.
05/06/2008 3:51pm
DATES : look at the date of the first post here and the dates in the thread : Temporary files cleaning - 2002 !!!

For the debug, I'll try to send it later. Thanks.
05/06/2008 10:00pm
Yeah, I think the date is ok, this site went live 3/2002. So it's possible that he posted it then...