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25/07/2002 10:03pm
Keep getting this when I open or try to reply to messages:

Exception Access Violation

The program then crashes, whether I press yes, no or cancel. Any ideas?

(Accidentally posted without topic first time round, sorry about that...)
29/07/2002 11:09am
As much as like Scribe, I just can't use it because of the constant crashing I'm getting with it. About half the time I open a message it crashes, either just shutting down or saying that unhandled exception stuff. I'm using the version 1.70 on Win98se. Is there any advice at all?, because other than that I've found it to be the best client around.
29/07/2002 8:29pm
I've pulled the v1.70 release for the moment until I figure out the problem under Win9x. I use 2k for the most part and it's running smooth as there, so it must be related to running under Win9x.

Anyway tonight I'll have access to a Win9x box to test on and I'll re-release when it's all good again.
30/07/2002 3:44am
It was happening in 1.69 too just for the record. Opening a message caused a crash, or clicking reply on a message to try and get around it -also resulted in a crash. And messages seem to display 0.00k size in the inbox, then display their proper size, then revert back to 0.