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28/01/2006 2:25pm
I really like the idea of PopOverHttp, so I wanted to try it out. Modifying the php-script was not a big deal, but for me (having to work on guest computers and generally not an expert on unix-filesystems) it was more difficult to set-up a PW-protected directory. But finally, I succeeded with that one as well :-)

Now if I call the script from the browser, I get a listing with the msg ID's on the mailserver, so the URL seems to be alright. However. trying to download the mails with InScribe fails, giving SocketError(0) Socket disconnected.

I have crosschecked several times that I have entered username and PW correctly in InScribe.

Where could be my mistake?

22/09/2006 11:47am
Hi Chris,

I'm getting the same problem to. My guess is that php script available for download is not correct or outdated. For example, I don't understand how this script can work if it does not parse any parameters passed to it via GET or POST.

I tried to find some documentation for scribe PopOverHttp protocol, but can't find it on this website...
24/09/2006 11:32pm
The php script was written in the php4 days where variables in the URL were made global. There days you need to use $_GET or something. So I'll update the script and post a new version, then let you know on this thread.