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Author/Date Attachments flag is not set when importig from Unix MBOX
30/01/2006 7:21pm
When importing messages from Unix MBOX files i.Scribe 1.88 does not set Has Attachments flag properly (even though attachments are shown properly on Attachments tab). So nice clip icon is not displayed for imported emails with attachments. :(

In case it's necessary could even provide problematic MBOX file (created with TheBat! export feature).

P.S. I've just also noticed that attachments of the first message are not imported at all. :( However, another message has imported attachments but does not have clip icon (Has Attachments flag in Properties is not set).
The Gladiator
07/03/2006 11:34am
I have the same issue, Sabio.

The biggest issues for Scribe are in the "attachment" area:

- as you noticed the import feature doesn't work flawlessly: it doesn't show the attachment icon
- it's not possible to sort messages on the attachment field in the preview pane (it doesn't exist an attachment flag)

In my view this is the gap between a very good product and a perfect product, I hope in the next release.