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26/07/2002 10:29am
It's me again...
I've noticed that i.Scribe saves temporary files, for example when I directly open an attachment with a double-click in the Attachments Tab, in the TEMP directory but never deletes them.

This leads to two problems:
- loss of HD space (if the user is not aware of this behaviour)
- loss of privacy in a multiuser system (if the user didn't set his own temp directory)

Both these "problems" can be easily solved manually by the user himself, but I think that a "use directory XYZ for temporary files" and a "clean temporary directory on program exit" (or when related mail is closed) options would be much more user-friendly.
26/07/2002 2:56pm
Yes, I've noticed that too. I also noticed that, when opening a html-message with my browser (BTW, Opera), the message is named "alt.html" and placed in the TEMP-directory. When you open a second html-message from Scribe, Opera displays both messages in one Window. One message, so to say.

26/07/2002 9:56pm
There are problems when deleting the temporary files that Scribe creates.

- Scribe user double clicks attachment and it's written to the temp dir and openned using some program that can lock the file after which Scribe can't delete it. Otherwise Scribe can't know when the user has finished using the file if the app doesn't lock it.

The solutions that you have suggested seem reasonable. And I should really choose a unquie name for the HTML.
27/07/2002 2:21am
how about cleaning up the temp folder when scribe is closed? :-)
27/07/2002 3:49am
or maybe when closing iScribe remove only the files created by iScribe...
29/07/2002 11:55am
Well... although deleting only files created by i.Scribe seems to be the best behaviour I think that deleting the whole content of a directory offers the folowing advantages:

- easier to implement
- gives the chance to always delete i.Scribe temporary files: after a crash, for example, the list of temporary files would be lost, but the files would still be there
- if the user is aware of this behaviour (s)he can create a directory just for this aim and there wouldn't be any risk of deleting files created by other applications
03/08/2002 8:41am
IMHO the best idea is to specify a different directory exclusively (or not) for i.Scribe. The user would then have full control over the files. He could empty the directory before logout, for example.

For unique names of html files, I'd suggest some part of Msg-ID but it's sometimes very long or illegal for the OS.
03/08/2002 8:50am
I'm liking the idea of a temp directory under the Scribe.exe location so that I know Scribe created the file, so I can clear it anytime.
04/06/2008 11:00pm
In the current latest releases Scribe creates a sub-folder in your user's temp directory which is cleared on startup and shutdown. Any temporary files Scribe creates will be in that folder (unless I missed something?).