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08/02/2006 2:31pm
I've bought in-scribe just yesterday and tried to translate to Turkish.

As a first step I tried to create an only englih language container (Scribe.lr8 file) Used commanline (everything in drive C root)
C:\LrStrip.exe -in C:\Scribe.lr8 -out C:\out.lr8 -lang en
Ok, makes an output but output dosent work in LgiRes even in scribe itself.
LgiRes gives fault written down here
Xml read failed: Mismatched'/string-group'tag,got'String'instead.

So is there anyone that can help me to create an only englih language file?
Where didI made mistake?

Thanks for all for their interest

08/02/2006 9:12pm
I think maybe the LrStrip code is out of date with the LgiRes/Scribe code... it's been a while since I looked at it. I'll have a look at it today and get back to you.
09/02/2006 9:01am
Ok that works. But didnt have time to try lgires yet. Think it works also. Thanks for all.