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19/02/2006 11:08am
Here I am again, with some more comments / suggestions :-)

Concerning filters, pity I didn't get a reply to my previous posting (where I forgot to put a subject, sorry for that ...), so I'm still unsure whether I have maybe fundamentally missed the philosophy of the architechture. Filters are really a powerful feature of the program, I must say, and something I heavily rely on.

What would be nice (in addition to my earlier suggestions): while creating or modifyig a filter, to be able to create a new folder in the window used to select folders (for the action "Move to Folder"). As it is now, one has to leave the filter dialog in order to create a new folder, if it doesn't exist already. Alternatively, to have the folder created automatically by typing a name in the path statement.

When assiging colours to mails from certain senders, I find this colours a bit weak in intensity, so they are difficult to distuingish among each other. In the definition of a colour (filters), I see a text like this: "192,0,255". I imagine one figure is for the colour, but what are the two others for? Couldn't find info on this in the help-file. Could the intensity be changed there maybe?

I would love to have an option for Preview to show the most recent mails first. By this, I could cancel the collection of mail-info once the first mails have shown up and deal with these accordingly while leaving the old ones alone - a real asset if you have a lame internet-connection.

19/02/2006 3:04pm
192,0,255 is the RGB code for a color, meaning the levels of Red Green and Blue. values between 0 and 255.
by combing these 3 co
ors you should be able to make 256*256*256 unique colors. thus, all 3 numbers dictate color.

dont ask me why green and not yellow
06/03/2006 8:35pm
I agree: the colors are too light. For example, when marking a message as RED (RGB 255,0,0), the message appears kind of pink.
06/03/2006 9:42pm
Filters/New Folders: Seems reasonable.

Colours: Yes the colours are faded out to white, mainly because full strength colours a) interfer with readability and b) look too gaudy for my liking. Maybe the degree of alpha blending should be a option somewhere.

Preview: I have a better idea. Caching! Seriously I could cache the headers so that old mail appears instantly in the preview.