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Michael Lees
23/02/2006 12:58am
Finally I am using inScribe now.

Two suggestions / wishes:

1. In the mail Preview window, when I select a number of messages and select "Reveive", the selection is lost and I have to select them again to select "Delete". Had 72 new messages today, and had to select/re-select a number of times. If the selection was kept, then I could do both steps at almost once. Shortcut keys, (eg.: <ALT><1> to toggle "Receive"), as in The Bat! Are also an idea.

2. This one comes from another mail client, nPop, which I used (not anymore) on my pendrive: an option to choose from WHICH message the Preview function will download headers. Example: at work I have > 200 messages on the server still. But when I am on the road, I can't wait for the mail client to download all those headers - I only need the latest messages. So the user could select "Download from nth message onwards" (eg: download from message 200 onwards), and skip all the old ones. In nPop it is called "Initialise Account".


23/02/2006 1:05am
1. I don't understand what your saying... when I receive mail the selection remains intact on my machine. Btw the key shortcut to receive on account 1 is Ctrl+1.

2. Yes this could be done better, I will keep it in mind for later.
Michael Lees
23/02/2006 9:07pm
I'll try and explain clearer my 1st suggestion.

When the Preview windows is opened, with lots of messages, I can select several messages at once, using SHIFT+Click or CTRL+Click. Once the messages are selected, I can select Receive or Delete, and all the selected messages will be marked Receive or Delete.

For example, I usually select the messages I want to receive, and select Receive for all of them at once.

But usually I want to Delete the messages I am receiving. So I have to mark them as Delete as well.

But as soon as I mark them as Receive, the messages are no longer selected, and for me to mark them as Delete, I have to select them all again.

No big issue if there are few messages or if the selected messages are all sequential (Shift+Click does it). But when I have > 100 messages and my selection is alternated (i.e.: not messages in sequence), then it's cumbersome.

Should this not be happening, and could have to do with my system? At the moment I am running inScribe on Windows 98 SE. I haven't tried the same situation in Linux yet.

23/02/2006 9:32pm
Oh "account preview", not mail preview... ahh. Makes sense now.