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Author/Date Regarding a few fetures and/or requests
Andreas Alexelis
02/03/2006 2:47am

I am a new user and I am evaluating iScribe. I intend to buy inScribe
because of the Outlook integration. Right now I would like to ask
about the following features, if they are or can or will be implemented,
or if I need to write a plugin myself.

1. I live in Japan where s-jis or euc are the major encodings for text
files. When I export an email by drag-drop, I would like to be able to
set the default encoding to whichever I prefer, not necesserily the
encoding of the mail itself.

2. I would like to be able to bring up a certain mail by a hyperlink of
the type <scribe:Message-ID> ( simillar to what you can do with outlook,
so that I can link the mail from whichever document can handle hyperlinks

3. I would like to know the exact specs of Outlook PST integration for

thanks in advance,
02/03/2006 4:02am
1. Currently exported messages not created by Scribe are exported as is, no re-encoding. The problem with re-encoding messages is that the target charset may not support all the characters in the input charset. Unless of course the target charset is unicode. I gather you want all messages exported to be forced into one of the japanese charsets?

2. Firstly Scribe in it's current incarnation doesn't have an index of all messages. So finding a message-id would mean scanning every folder, which takes a rather long time. So to add that feature I'd have to create an index and keep it up to date. What is creating these URL's?

3. For import, it can read from the MAPI api and import (not replicate) an Outlook mailbox including either a sub-set of folders or all the folders. It supports folders, emails and contacts as the menu item suggests. This feature is fully available in i.Scribe so you can test it out yourself. InScribe also supports exporting to MAPI, and when I mean exporting I really mean replicating. i.e. multiple exports don't cause dupelicate messages to appear in Outlook. However only folders and email are supported from memory. The same sub-set of folders or all folders is supported in export as well.
Andreas Alexelis
02/03/2006 4:33am
Hi fret, thanks for the quick reply

1.Yes, I would like a setting, perhaps a radiobox, that allows you to export in native encoding or export in the encoding selected by a pulldown. Never mind though I think I can find some filter-utility that when you drop a file on it, it saves it with another encoding.

2.I don't know who creates these ( the smtp server maybe? ) but I saw this field
as a search condition in iScribes search, which means you can at least search by
it and get a list of occurances. Alternatively, I don't mind any unique id that
I could call as a hyperlink <scribe:ID>. From the object data model I see there
is such internal representationm so all I want is a way to get the ID easily and
the API that will allow the above to be recognized as a hyperlink.

3.Is it drug-drop only? Can it be automatic like calling it from a filter for example or at the end of the scribe session?
02/03/2006 4:40am
1. An idea I had was to let users convert a folder of messages to a specific charset. But again, what would I do with characters that don't fit into the destination charset? I'll think about it, it's awkward user interface wise. I think maybe the best way is to have d'n'd use the current non-re-encode method and have a separate export command that gives you a UI and options on how to export the email.

2. Something worth thinking about for v1.89

3. Scribe does allow you to drop Outlook email directly into a Scribe folder but not the other way around. As for scripting, are you talking about importing or exporting to Outlook?
Andreas Alexelis
02/03/2006 5:20am
Thanks again fret,

About 1. If it is awkward, it doesnt matter.
About 2. It would be great.
About 3. I meant exporting to Outlook, but it doesn't really matter, I decided to buy InScribe anyway ( one does not get such fast customer service all the time :-)