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Author/Date 550 RCPT relaying not allowed
03/03/2006 2:37pm
get these message, but can't find a switch for sollution "receive before send"....?
Michael Lees
03/03/2006 11:10pm
> can't find a switch for sollution "receive before send"....?

I don't understand what you mean.

But the "Relaying Not Allowed" message means you are trying to connect to one mail server to send messages, but the address you are using is not from that server, and it will not send other server's messages (relay).

Example: you have 2 mail addresses, and

Then you create a message in Scribe/inScribe, using as Sender address (your address)

But when you try to send the message, instead of connecting to, you try to connect to

Then says: your address is from, not from I won't send it.

Solution: check the SMTP settings for all accounts and make sure you are using the correct Sender address and SMTP server.

Solution 2 (how I do it here): if you have several accounts, but can use only one SMTP server (usually the ISP you are connected to), then use SMTP authentication.

Example: suppose your ISP is But you want to send messages with From address being from Then in the account, configure it to use SMTP authentication, and enter SMTP details: SMTP server (, username and password.

This way, you will log on to the SMTP server with your registration details, and will be allowed to send messages.

Confusing? I hope not.
04/03/2006 9:37am
thanks for answer - i will try to explain with my poor english:

i'm coming from thunderbird and will use scribe with one mail account together with usb stick. (okay TB is working with my stick, but about 50000KB)

i set pop/smtp information correct -> like thunderbird works!

receiving is no problem, but when i write a new mail and will only send, i get the message (show my 1st post)

years ago, it was the same with my first steps in outlook. i rememmber there was a switch "receive message before send" (or so?) thunderbird going well in this case - without any trouble, but scribe isn't sending and i can't find any logical ...

I'm not that IT guru - sorry.
04/03/2006 8:31pm
get it - i'm so s****d ....

adress + password in receive AND send tab do it.
it don't uses the auth from receive only - easy but good to know now.

sorry folk

greetings from germany