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29/07/2002 11:14am
Hi Matthew!
some time ago you gave me an explanation about no-date emails. I just installed i.Scribe 1.70 and it seems to be quite unstable (on my system, at least -- I get a lot of ACCESS_VIOLATION errors). I noticed that if i.Scribe crashes next time it runs it:

- downloads again all emails already downloaded during last session
- sets to (no-date) all emails sent during last session

Does this depends on some data being saved only during shutdown?
The crash doesn't seem to "corrupt" received emails (all the copies has the same date).
29/07/2002 11:16am

I keep getting those :/
29/07/2002 12:47pm
I read your old post... Most of the crashes I get happens when I click on the "View" button in the new mail notification window, while all goes right if I just hit "Done" and then I read the new e-mail from the preview panel (or if I open them). I hope this can work with you, too, if it is your case (it's not very clear to me). I usually don't use the reply feature, but it doesn't seem to be critical with me.
29/07/2002 8:30pm
Yeah v1.70 is unstable (probably just in Win9x).

Wait for a new release.
30/07/2002 6:27am
My first message was not really clear... v1.70 is unstable, but all versions I tried (from v1.63 onward) follow the same behaviour. I didn't focus on this problem with old versions because they didn't crash so much, but it's quite a nuisance. It would be the same if windows crashes (this seems to be much easier ^_^), as far as I know.
30/07/2002 2:23pm
I agree with the afore mentioned. I use i.Scribe on both a Win98 and Win98SE machine and I see all the described errors happening.
I want to add something new, though, which maybe complicates the case even more. I also use InScribe v1.70 on a Win98 machine and it seems to work fine. It doesn't crash the way i.Scribe 1.70 crashes Scribe. I will look further into it and let you if there are other differences.