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Pär Smårs
07/03/2006 9:15am
Using Scribe v1.88 Final. Sometimes after editing many calendar entries (or just adding them for the first time), and I then want to edit another entry, the little calendar (under the arrow buttons on the Calendar Event editor) drops down as I click on the edit boxes to the left of the arrow buttons; it doesn't matter which edit box I click on, Start or End. It seems, however, that the problem mostly affects the End date drop-down calendar, this is usually the one that drops down when it shouldn't, although the Start date calendar drop-down is also affected by this, but less frequently.

It doesn't happen every time, but when it does, Scribe often crashes after I try to click elsewhere to get rid of that drop-down calendar box. It seems I can avoid the crash by immediately closing the Calendar Event editor, click on another date, go back to the date I want to edit, and open the Calendar Event editor again. But sometimes it crashes anyway. There seems to be very little consistency with the crash, or no crash syndrome. Perhaps it's a timing/focus problem...?

So, it seems I can avoid the problem, but perhaps you could look into it when you have the time.

Pär Smårs, Sweden.