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Author/Date Filter conditions in version 1.88: a bug?
The gladiator
09/03/2006 5:07pm
I believe there is a strange behaviour in the filter conditions: has someone experienced my points below?

1) it’s not possible to check the content of the mail.Label field (the condition never works)
2) doesn’t exist a condition to check if a field (i.e. mail.AttachmentNames) is blank ; in other words the field “value” in the condition tab cannot be blank
3) NOT operator: difficult to understand how it works (it doesn’t work as it should).

Please feel free to ask me any additional information you should need.

the gladiator
14/03/2006 7:40am
Any suggestion/tip on this topic: is it possible and have you found a way to check if the mail.Label field (or any field) is different than blank ?

14/03/2006 10:11am
The label, ah yes. I looked into this and well it's a bug. There is no handler in the Scribe DOM code for the label variable, so I've added that and it now works correctly.

Can you give me an example of the NOT operator behaving incorrectly?
the gladiator
14/03/2006 5:39pm
I tried to go through the tests I did, I run few others and I came to the conclusion that: if you have additional fields (i.e. mail.Size) that have the same problem that mail.Label has, then the NOT operator is performing well.

Please come back to me if my answer is unclear.

Could you also please give me a tip about my question 2) ?