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Author/Date Lack of attachment flag; a simple workaround !
the gladiator
09/03/2006 5:11pm
You may have noticed that Scribe doesn’t offer the possibility to show, in the message list panel, a flag for the attachment (there is only a symbol in the message icon). The main drawback is that it’s not possible to sort the message on the attached file.

There is a simple workaround for this; you can:
- set up a filter that checks if the incoming mails have an attached file
- if they have it you store a value (let’s say 1) in the label field (you don’t need that field, do you?)
- you select the column “label” to be shown in the message list panel

You now have an “home-made” attachment flag and you can sort your messages on it

From an implementation point of view the filter can be (Scribe v 1.88):
Condition Tab: mail.AttachmentNames contains “.” (without “ of course)
Actions Tab: action Set Label argument 1

See also my post “Filter conditions in version 1.88: a bug?”