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10/03/2006 10:15am
windows XP - i-scribe 1.88.
sending an e-mail with just about 1 kByte works fine.
if the e-mail is bigger, i.scribe starts sending but the speed is slowing down to 0.0kB/s.

then there is a "server-error" and the log says:
235 authentication finished successfully
250 mail from: <> ok
354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
SocketError(10053): Software caused connection abort."

what is wrong?

please help me 'cause i really like i.scribe (and don't want to return to outlook).

greetings and thank you
digital-patrick from germany
10/03/2006 11:51am
Oh... I've heard of this before. But I forget what it was... argh.

Anyway I guess I can start from scratch and work out the problem. Do you have any anti-virus software running?
13/03/2006 10:19am
yes, i have an anti-virus-software installed:
i use zonealarm and the additional anti-virus-software from zone labs.

but even when i shut down the zone labs software completely, the bigger mails won't go through.

13/03/2006 11:06pm
What happens with other mail programs? Is the result the same or do they work?
15/03/2006 8:10am
i need a small e-mail-client on my USB-stick because i'm working on many different places. just need the basic functions.

i tried these programms:

works - sending OK - but it's too big for me

outlook express:
works - sending OK - but problems with running on stick
and ... i don't like it ;-)

works - sending OK - fine program, but without a real option to organize your mail

phoenix mail:
does NOT work - no sending

does NOT work - no sending - BUT I LIKE THIS PROGRAM VERY MUCH! :-)
actually i use i.scribe to GET and MANAGE all my mails - there is just no sending ... :-(
the gladiator
15/03/2006 11:11am
Just to share my experience and the benchmark I did: I'm actually using (testing) Scribe installed in a pen and it's working (sending & receiving) fine; I sent an email with a file attached (4.6 Mb)with Scribe in 3'20'' and with Outlook in 4'45'' (exactly the same conditions).

Hope it helps
22/03/2006 12:08pm
thank you for your message.
are you using xp home?
any changes on firewall?

the gladiator
22/03/2006 2:12pm
Answers to your questions:
- windows 2000
- no change at all (ZoneAlarm free version)

Please ask more if you need
23/03/2006 1:23pm
hm... i.scribe sends correctly with:
- win2000 (thanks to gladiator)
- win98se (my old computer)
- Linux (UBUNTU) even with wine!!!

just my XP Home (it's a special version from ACER) stopps sending with bigger mails.
have i mentioned that i use a 64bit-system?
could this be a reason?

btw: i send my email with

23/03/2006 5:44pm
hi matthew a.k.a. fret,

i just wanted to let you know: i've bought InScribe a few minutes ago. :-)

OK - let's see - perhaps my sending problem is gone??? :-/
24/03/2006 11:23am
it's not ... :-(
06/06/2006 9:22am
I'm using the new version (test3) for a couple of days now - and it's working perfectly. No more problems with SENDING of ANY mail.

THANKS to fret! :-D
18/07/2006 5:07pm
This sounds very similar to an issue I had here - <url></url>

18/07/2006 5:07pm
oops. work any better as a link? we'll see..