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14/03/2006 6:50pm
When I click on the link in an email, it opens up the page in the window preview pane. Is there a setting somewhere that I can make the link open up in the browser window or open in a new browser window?
My browser opens when I click the links in my other email clients.
I have Win 2000, and use IE6.
Thanks so much!
14/03/2006 9:04pm
You need to double click links in Scribe to open them in the browser... is that what your doing?
14/03/2006 9:39pm
I double clicked a link that came in as a text message and it opened in the browser window. But any email I get that is HTML and has a link in it, the email opens in the email preview pane.
I double clicked the email and it opened a web site in the preview pane, and then when I double clicked the link from the web site (in the preview pane)
it also opened in the email preview pane.