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16/03/2006 5:05pm
I am on a mailing list and am using the thread view in Scribe. I just noticed today that some of the threads are showing up in incorrect places. Here's a picture:

I am using InScribe v1.88 Final Edition on Windows XP Professional SP2.

BTW, I love Scribe. I've been using it for years. It feels good to support "Non Evil" software development.
16/03/2006 10:18pm
Are you sure that is an error?

Sometimes people change the subject of the message, yet it's still a reply to a existing message. Scribe uses the In-Reply-To and References headers to work out the heirarchy of messages. Sometimes mailers don't put this information in so it mucks up the threading. This usually means the thread gets split at into 2 at the point the bad mailer was used to send the message.

I guess if you want me to check into this furthur you'd need to export the folder as MBOX (d'n'd folder onto the desktop) and then post it to me so I can analyse the heirarchy and tell you if it's a bug in Scribe or just bad data.
17/03/2006 4:22pm
Aha, so that's how it works. I always wondered how that worked. I took a look at the headers and it all looks correct. Some people have just replied to a topic and changed the subject line rather than creating a new topic, Grrrr. Thanks for the help.