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Author/Date Password and permissions.
24/03/2006 1:53pm
Dont know why but in security settings (InScribe 1.88) admin option is always inactive. Cant select that. And also dont know what will happen if could be able to select :)

Seems like level of preset permissions but...

1. What should I do to activate the Admin option?
2. How could I set different passwords or different permisions for them?
As summary what is that?

Thanks for all people in advance for their help.
26/03/2006 9:26am
The only way to turn on the admin password/option is to set the right sort of password in the lgi.conf XML file. It's mainly for corperate installs where you want to prevent users from messing up the settings. I think somewhere on my site is the password gen util for admin security. (Note this is not the same as the key gen for InScribe).