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24/03/2006 4:32pm
Would it be possible (and easy) to add an option to turn the filters on or off - like a toolbar button? I have so many folders and sub-folders that sometimes it takes ages to find an incoming e-mail again. The idea would be to turn off the filters while downloading mails and then to turn the filters on and run them through the inbox - what do you think?
24/03/2006 5:34pm
I have already suggested something similar, and a couple of other suggestions concerning filters (

Unfortunately, no comments received yet on filters - can only hope that it's been duly registered :-)

24/03/2006 5:41pm
P.S.: sorry, clicked too fast and forgot to mention my workaround: I have a couple of filters which I like to act directly on reception. I have given them names starting with an _underscore, so they show up on top of the list.

All other filters, I move them to another folder, and only when I want to clean up my Inbox, I move them to Filters. When it's done, I move them back to their sleeping-place, leaving only those with the leading _underscore.

Cumbersome, but at least my mails don't disappear into some folder when I least expect it.

The filters are great as such, but the usage can really still be improved.

26/03/2006 9:43am
I've added a menu item in the filters submenu to disable user defined filters.
26/03/2006 12:30pm
Thanks fRet...!