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03/04/2006 4:36am
Hi fret,

any chance to get answers / comments to the problem of ssl in the new 1.89 test release ( ) or on the filter issue ( )?

Maybe they have escaped your attention.

03/04/2006 6:24am
Are you using this build of the plugin?

As for the filters, I'm aware of what you want but I havn't done anything about it yet, anyway I give myself a few weeks between test builds to get some work done and I've only just release test1, so whatever happens you'll have to wait for test2 anyway. It's not important enough an issue to warrent a between release hotfix.
03/04/2006 5:05pm
oops, wasn't aware that the plugins change with every version ... thx for the info. Now it works fine!

Concerning the filter issue, I entirely agree that it's nothing urgent. But since I didn't get any reaction, just wanted to be sure that it was registered. I will wait for the next test-release and hope, that my other suggestions will also be considered :hint: :hint:

Keep up the great work, cheers!