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04/04/2006 3:20pm
In the help file, in the section on groups of contacts, it says :
"If a word turns red then it is matches more than one contact and needs to be resolved to a unique person by right clicking the word and selecting the right contact. If a word is grey it doesn't match any contacts and has to be a valid email address to work (i.e. the email address of someone not in your contact database). If a word is black then it matches a single contact and is ready to use. "
Fair enough, when I right click and select the right contact, it turns black, then I save. But when I open the group again, it has turned back to red. This is OK if you have three or four contacts in a group but if you have for instance, forty-odd or more then it's a real bore to have to do it each time. How can I make the choices stick???
04/04/2006 9:37pm
This happens when there is there 2 contacts with the same email address. Is this whats happening in your install?
05/04/2006 4:39pm
Yes, I have many identical contacts as I have set up a number of different mailing lists and quite often the same people are on different lists. I have done this as I couldn't get the groups thing to work. I know it's not the best solution as it creates as many problems as it solves - what to do? Some contacts are the same people but with different addresses. Thanks anyway.
12/04/2006 4:06am
What exactly about the groups feature is not working?

I would try and remove all the dupelicates contacts. Anyone who has more than one email address should have alternate address added to the one contact record and the others records archived + deleted. If there are outstanding problems with that setup I would like to know so that I can fix them.