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Author/Date lginet.dll problem with 1.88 final
06/04/2006 4:31am
First of all, thank you for the little gem that is i.scribe. Been using it for a while now and it's great. I'm currently on v1.88 Test 13 with which I've had very little problems. I downloaded and installed 1.88 final but every time I start the app I get a message saying something like "The program did not start because lginet.dll was not found". I uninstalled and re-installed a couple more times but I get the same message. Very puzzled. Any help would be much appreciated.
06/04/2006 4:39am
I don't use that DLL name anymore. I suspect you have old plugins that need to be updated. If you update to v1.88 final you should also get builds of each plugin you use from:
06/04/2006 10:13am
Thank you for the prompt reply. I did as you suggested and the startup error message seems to have disappeared. But I'm am unable to connect to my gmail account. The only plugin I use is the ssl plugin. I get this message in the log:

Using 'C:\iscribe\ssleay32.dll'
Using 'C:\iscribe\libeay32.dll'
Connected to '' using SSL
Error 1: error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1)

SSL connection closed.
06/04/2006 11:52am
Read the gmail setup:
07/04/2006 11:50am
The settings are as recommended and it seems to send mails all right but it's not downloading from my inbox...??? What am I doing wrong?
07/04/2006 12:03pm
Whats the connection log saying now?
08/04/2006 8:58am
I reinstalled again using the zip file and the new plugins and VOILA! Everything seems to be working fine. I'm still retaining the test 13 version on d: drive just in case. Will let you know if I encounter any problems. Many many thanks for your help. I'm amazed that you reply so promptly to all posts (as you did to mine :)