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06/04/2006 10:55am
I think you can use a new application icon for next version, many site have free icons for commerical or personal users, e.g:
I try to change it via some resource editor but not effect :D
06/04/2006 12:06pm
A while ago I tried to PAY someone to redo all the icons for Scribe and they all said they were "too busy (go away)". So disheartened I got back to coding. I didn't even do the current icons, although I can draw very well I'm not "in practice" with the computer graphics tools. My problem is that at the moment I have some money to pay for icons but usually the artists want a lot more than I've got... like US$100/icon or something crazy. I'd like something in the middle ground price wise, US$250 for the whole skin... not thousands. If I had to pay thousands I'd just learn Illustrator and make them myself. I'd also have to buy myself a scanner, because I suck at vectors, but I know how to handle a pencil.
06/04/2006 12:08pm
Now that I wrote all that, I have an idea... pay for the main app icon and I can do all the toolbar icons myself. That'd be alright.. I think.
06/04/2006 3:33pm
Maybe that would be a good idea to populate technics and standarts for toolbar drawing (I mean appropriate dimensions for button-images and lgi.conf, you have it already). Now we have 24x24 images with strangre alfa channel, not supporting "shadows" (I'm not a genius in a computer art, and probably that has a correct name, but now we can't draw "stylish" icons on pink background because we'll get "pinky" icons.