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Author/Date Computer freezes after InScribe closing (1.88f)
06/04/2006 5:09pm
InScribe 1.88 final
When I close the program, my computer freezes with 100% CPU usage by System (a name) process. Scribe.exe no more in the processes list.
As far I as could investigate this happens with large mailbox-bases. E.g. When I use 4Mb base, everything is perfect - InScribe starts immediately and after closing I have a "sand-clock cursor" for about 1 or 2 seconds, then my system functions as usual.
But, if I use my 80Mb base the program also starts in a flash, but when I quit the situation, described above, happens.
I have P4-M and 256Mb if it serves.
12/04/2006 4:08am
How much memory was Scribe using before you shut it down?
12/04/2006 6:54am
Just about 900Kb minimized in tray and 8Mb maximized.

It's my little mistake not to do it before: I've checked Scribe on another PC and it works excellent, without any problems.
So in this particular case my software is in fault. I'll reinstall my system.