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Author/Date Request: Show "BCC" or "CC" or "To" instead of Contact Icon
09/04/2006 10:27pm

When sending a message to addresses that are NOT in the contact list, then "To", or "CC", or "BCC" appear next to the address. That's good, because I can quickly be sure of how each recipient will receive the message.

But if the contacts ARE in the contact list, then the "To", etc. is replaced by a Icon, which is the same for all options (To, CC, BCC), so one can't see anymore how each one will receive the message. The only way is to right-click on each address (awkard).


1) The contact icon simply be removed, and leave the To, CC, or BCC text? OR...
2) Add different field to show the To, CC and BCC addresses (like in The Bat! and some other mail clients)?



09/04/2006 10:29pm
This will be fixed in the next release.
11/04/2006 1:51am
This has been written into the code for the next release.