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Author/Date How to Merge or Import Scribe Mail Boxes?
09/04/2006 10:57pm

I have one mailbox on my PC, and another one on my USB drive.

I spent a while away from home, and now I found that both mail boxed differ quite a bit, and wish to keep messages from both boxes.

But, how can I import one box in to another, or merge both together?

I don't mind having duplicates, because I can erase those. But I don't want to lose anything.


10/04/2006 10:11am
drag and drop usually works fine for me.
drag email messages, or mail folders into your windows explorer from one scribe (sorry, assuming windows)
and drag the exported files from windows onto one of the mail folders on the left hand tree view of the second scribe install.

(this usually works better for me then directly dragging from one scribe to another, but you could try that.)
good luck.

off course there is allso the possibility of setting up a network between the two using the groupware server, but that is another story.
11/04/2006 5:55pm
Hmmm... I can't seem to drag and drop (in Windows). I drag and drop, and the cursor changes and shows the move/copy symbol. But nothing happens. The messages are not transfered, not even if only one is selected.

And copy/paste results in "Unhandled exception" in the destination Scribe.

I'll keep trying...

11/04/2006 8:35pm
I think what exo means is drop the messages into a folder first and then from there into the other Scribe. The Scribe->Scribe operation will need to be fixed in a future release.
12/04/2006 6:45am
yes, you need to go in 2 steps, through windows explorer, meaning a directory on your hard drive.
19/04/2006 2:48pm
YEs, I did it in Windows and it worked perfectly: I dragged the whole folder on to the Desktop, and from there on to the other instance of Scribe.

And then I used the Remove Duplicates tool to remove any duplicates.


19/04/2006 3:00pm
But it doesn't seem to work with Contacts, I'm afraid.
20/04/2006 12:13pm
it works with single or multiple contacts, not with contact folders