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18/04/2006 4:53am

can someone direct me, which charset to use for European languages? I'm thinking mainly of German, as the Umlaut's always come in garbled.

But even quotes are not shown correctly as in this quote from a notification mail of this board:

I went for a "Incoming Mail" and "Outgoing Mail" checkbox for each filter

I simply fon't know which charset to chose, there are just too many of'em, and all I've tried didn't exactly do what I need. So i'd appreciate suggestions, TIA :-)

18/04/2006 5:18am
I'd try iso-8859-1 or windows-1252 in your outgoing options. Or both.

Feel free to send test email to me...
the gladiator
27/04/2006 4:30pm
If this may help you I'm actually using iso-8859-15 (same as iso-8859-1 plus the euro symbol) AND windows-1252 as Matt is suggesting.