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Author/Date registering version 1.88final
18/04/2006 7:32pm

Firstly, thanks for the great work. I have been using scribe for more than a year now.

I just tried to upgrade from 1.87 final to 1.88 final, but cannot enter the registration information in ver 1.88 ! Please tell me how to register the new version of scribe so that I can use the multiple accounts and other great features.
18/04/2006 8:46pm
Any one?

I have looked through all the menus and the options pages, but nowhere can I enter my name and reg code.
18/04/2006 9:57pm
There are 2 builds of the software, I think you have downloaded the free version (1 account). You should go and find the original purchase email that has the URL for the commercial version and download the equivilant build from the InScribe download site. Install that over i.Scribe and all should be well.
18/04/2006 10:18pm
I did that and all is fine!!

Thanks a lot :-)