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Author/Date Furure request: Autotext for i.Scribe
Dennis S
29/04/2006 11:00pm
I'd like to see something like the Quicktext ThunderBird extension integrated into i.Scribe.

Here's a short description what Quicktext does:
"It adds a menu under the subject from which you easily can insert standard texts that you have defined. You can use it for signatures or templates. You can also have shortcuts for up to ten of your texts. Another great thing is variables that you can use. For example if you have [[TO=firstname]] in a text that is added, Quicktext automatical replaces that with the firstname of the person who you are mailing to."

I'm saving a lot of time by using some prewritten text pices in my mail.

Quicktext homepage:
Dennis S
29/04/2006 11:40pm
At least there should be a template for new mails like the ones for reply/forward templates found in the options-general tab.
30/04/2006 1:25am
Mail -> New from template ?
Dennis S
30/04/2006 2:03pm
Nope. Or are you able to create a template like this:

Hello <[0].name>,


Greetings, <>

The <> Fields should get updated by i.Scribe
30/04/2006 10:20pm
Currently there is no way to manually "reply with template" so there is no need for "fields" in the template. However there is a filter action called "Reply" and you can use a template to reply with. In that circumstance the template can contain fields that get expanded when used.

All the code for template expansion has already been written, all that needs to happen is allow the user to "reply with template". This is just a small amount of glue code and UI. I should be feasable to add that in a upcoming release.