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02/05/2006 10:40am
I try to update my inscribe (full version)
to the new 1.89
(still got that sending problem with bigger text-mails).

In this forum I found the needed files to copy from OLD to NEW:
- folders.mail2
- scribe.r


Just 1 account is active now - like in the freeware-version.
Where can I enter my KEY???

Thank you for your answer.

PS: There should be a entry about updating in the FAQ ...
02/05/2006 12:35pm
You have upgraded to the latest i.Scribe release, instead you should go to the InScribe download site linked to in your original purchase email and get the equivilant build from there. Email me if thats not clear.
03/05/2006 1:58am
Added an entry to the FAQ about this. :)
03/05/2006 8:59am
thank you, fret.