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07/05/2006 11:12pm
Hello all,

I am frequently at different computers (always with an internet connetion) and I need to access my email/calendar/contacts and make new meeting dates etc... Right now I am using iscribe on my home computer where all my emails(downloaded from my ISP), contacts, calendar appts reside...

Does anybody know how I can somehow pick up my emails,contacts and calendar when away and update them?

Thanks in advance,
09/05/2006 1:57pm
Can You use for traveling usb memory disk with Scribe and mail data file?

10/05/2006 1:53pm
good solution... I guess I just need to work on the archiving.

11/05/2006 10:09am
Just You must know, that in diferent places (diferent internet providers) has diferent SMTP and sometimes Proxy settings. So You need to enter in the Options diferent SMTP every time, You change the place.

I'd like to have posibility to choose the same way like we choose Accounts in Inscribe to choose "Places" (Job1, Job2, Internet Cofee, Home, At John etc.)
It's the same account, but diferent Internet connnection data.

Now inscribe let us use diferent accounts on the same internet connections without reentering data. Would be nice to have posibility to choose Internet connection aliases too.

Would be nice for me, if InScribe could have for diferent accounts diferent internet connection data, so this way, I could travel in my known places without changing SMTP, Proxy data manualy every time, when I change computer.

Now I have a few folders with Scribe and every folder has diferent SMTP, Proxy settings, but the same mail data folder.
For me it's good solution, maybe, I hope it helps You too.

Does enyone more feel the need for posibility to enter diferent SMTP and Proxy data for every account?

This way InScribe would have posibility to use a lot of accounts with the same internet connection data (like it is today) and to use the same account with diferent Internet connection data for diferent places.

It's not so very serious problem. Just for travelers would be nice feature to choose Internt connection place and forget about SMTP there.

(Sorry for my english)

Rytis Umbrasas

p.s. My internet provider did not let me SMTP authentification.

11/05/2006 2:38pm
I take it that I cannot add multiple email accounts because I don't have the professional mode?
11/05/2006 9:16pm
Yes, the free version has only one email account.