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10/05/2006 1:55pm
I have two filters, but only the first seems to run. I checked the documentation and it said that only one is supposed to run for demonstration puposes. Am I missing something? Is there a setting that I am not utilizing correctly?

Thanks in advance
10/05/2006 3:50pm
The free version of Scribe (i.Scribe) only supports the use of a single filter. This is to allow you to test the filter function, but, if you want more than one filter, you need to buy the full version (InScribe).

The full version is completely worth the money spent and I would encourage you to purchase it. It also allows for the use of multiple sending and recieving email accounts.
11/05/2006 8:15am
Upgrade to 1.89 test2: you will have five filters, instead of one.
11/05/2006 2:39pm