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Author/Date Using i.Scribe in offline mode with IMAP
10/05/2006 9:39pm

Is it possible to use i.Scribe in offline mode with a IMAP account ?
When I disconnect, I can't read anymore my email, there is no local copy of my messages.
Is it a way to do it ?

In this IMAP account, I have the INBOX as root folder, and Draft/Sent/Trash as sub-folder.
Is it possible to set all 4 folders in root ?

Anyway, it's a great mailer that I know from BeOS-great-time.

Best regards, and thanks for all you make.

PS: sorry for my English
10/05/2006 11:24pm
Currently there is no off line IMAP support. It is one of the problems that will be addressed this year during v1.89 and it's test releases.