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17/05/2006 2:51pm
I just installed the OpenSSL DLLs for i.Scribe 1.88 Final Release, and I cannot seem to get File ==> Plugins to pick up ssleay32.dll as a valid plugin to allow me to use SSL as a transport. I get an error message back from i.Scribe saying the .DLL is loaded all right, but that its plugin entry point can't be found. What do I need to look at further?

The two OpenSSL DLLs I placed in i.Scribe's folder are:

libeay32.dll (843,776 bytes)
ssleay32.dll (159,744 bytes)

Thank you.

~ Jesse
17/05/2006 5:11pm
OK. I solved my own SSL transport problem. I needed a third DLL, which I have now, and is properly configured.

... Now a new problem trying to connect to Gmail. The Gmail SMTP server is giving me the following error:

530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first z21sm[snip]

What is misconfigured?
17/05/2006 5:19pm
OK. I solved that problem. I needed to enter in CRAM5 data on the account set-up screen. Now I get a funny error 5. I think where the SMTP server disconnects abruptly without saying goodbye. I had the same problem with Eudora. I think that's a Gmail issue.
22/05/2006 12:32am
I think that error can be safely ignored if the email gets sent.
23/05/2006 6:26am

I can't get the OpenSSL to work. I'm getting socket error's. What could be the problem. I have tested an other email client and this works wel but I want to use iScribe.