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Author/Date Buttons have no text in Linux
17/05/2006 11:02pm
I downloaded iScribe a USB flash drive and tried it in BeatrIX and Knoppix. In both distros all the iScribe buttons have no visible text. I suspect the text color may have somehow been reversed to be the same color as the button surfaces, or perhaps the buttons' text properties aren't getting filled... Am I doing something wrong?
22/05/2006 12:34am
But text elsewhere in the application is appearing?

The text on the toolbar is in a different font/pt size than the rest of the application. Forgive my ignorance of those distros, but do they use KDE, Gnome or something else?
08/06/2006 1:07pm
I had the same problem in Linux, and it was solved by not using the LGI Skin. This was achieved by removing or renaming the file LIBLGISKIN-X.SO so it is not found and not used.

Actually, I think it looks a lot nicer without the skin. Both in Linux and Windows.

I hope this helps.