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Author/Date Coming from Thunderbird - what am I clearly doing wrong?
22/05/2006 4:21pm
I am obviously missing something colossal here, but please bear with me. This is with the paid version

The left pane with mailbox at the top.
In Thunderbird I get a 'set' per email address.
In inscribe I get 1. I've entered 3 email identities (at least I think I have). In the left pane I create a subfolder.
Using the Identities menu I change identities. The left pane does not change.

I test send an email to one identity. It appears and stays visible through each identity.

So 3 id's and nothing changes. What am I doing wrong?

It says on the webpage that Inscribe makes keeping identities apart easy - but even when I click to make a new email I cannot tell who it will come from?

Like I said, I must be missing something blindlingly obvious here .... my apologies.

Here's what I expected:
- left pane.
Either have several 'sets' of folder per identity like Thunderbird.
Have differing sets per ID so when I change address they change too.

Maybe they do? is it the domain that covers the display or the actual email address?

If someone could explain then I'd be grateful.
22/05/2006 9:16pm
the identity only changes the sending email adress and mail servers and so on. any information entered in the configuration menu where you create the separate accounts.

the only way to separe email messages from different acounts is to set the folder in which new mail from that acount is placed (in the accont settings), or use fillters.

to use completely separate mail settings and folders, use a second scribe installation. scribe is quite small, and several installs will run together without problems.

i do not think you will have to resort to that though, when you get the hang of scribe.

22/05/2006 10:29pm
I've paid for it so I'll give it a go.......

Suggestion: Create a wiki to distill the wisdom in these forums.


So I create 10 subfolders (one per address)
In those subfolders I create subfolders for the info I need to filter
I then create filters.
So one new email gets filtered - hopefully - to the correct place.

.... so where do mailboxes come into it?
I create a mailbox ... for the folders?

I'll be honest - I am totally lost on how inscribe does more than one thing. Really I am :) I'll play, see what happens, see 'if the penny drops'.

Get a wiki :)
22/05/2006 11:31pm
Let me try and clear some things up. There is only one set of folders, so when you have multiple accounts, all that mail by default goes into the same inbox. All the outgoing mail by default goes from the Outbox to the Sent folder, despite which account it's part of. This is just different to other mail clients, esp Thunderbird, there are benifits to doing it both ways.

You can separate out incomming mail into separate folders, but you have to create some sort of system yourself, say by creating a sub-folder off the mailbox for each account and then in the settings for each account set the receive folder to those sub-folders. If you don't specify a folder in the receive settings of each account the mail goes into the main Inbox.

I'm in the process of creating a symetrical system for outgoing mail, so you can specify a Outbox/Sent folder for each account as well. I may go as far as copying the sub-folder settings for each account. But I'm undecided on the exact way this will work yet. I'm also in the progress of implementing filters that act on outgoing email. So that'll let you filter stuff into account sub folders as well. These features will appear and then improve in the next few versions.

As for sending. By default email is created with the identity selected in the Identity menu on the main window. If after an email has been created you want it sent as a different identity, you can open out the "From" panel in the email window and choose a different identity using the drop down menu. Also by default all email is sent using the SMTP server selected in File -> Options -> Accounts -> Default Send Account, regardless of which "From" address is in the email headers itself. This is usually what you want when your ISP has one outgoing SMTP server. In that case that you want email sent using the SMTP server associated with the identity used in that email you can set the "Only send through this account" option in the account's settings identity tab. Which means that email going out with that identity only goes through that account's SMTP server.